About Us

Anti Child Trafficking (ACT) United is non-profit group bringing communities together for awareness and prevention training to end child sexual exploitation in the United States.

Meet the Founder and Lead Training Facilitator

With 20 years of experience working with children, teens, and families in youth outreach, domestic and foreign missions, and as a Police Officer, Jessica brings firsthand information and experience to the issue of juvenile sex trafficking. Jessica is an engaging, passionate speaker who will leave you not just informed of the facts of child sex trafficking, but inspired by her message:  “UNITED WE WIN”

Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development with a minor study in Law, Criminology, and Deviance from the U of M Twin Cities. She received a Certificate in Law Enforcement from Normandale Community College in Bloomington, MN and Law Enforcement Skills at Metro State University, St. Paul MN. She has also received multiple certificates of continued education and training in Homeland Security, Human Trafficking, Interdiction of Crimes Against Children, and Crimes Against Children in Indian Country.

In her U.S. and overseas missions work, she has led youth teams in disaster relief, built community centers, repaired churches, started children’s VBS programs and teen sports programs, and trained local staff to continue the work of community and youth engagement.

Jessica served 12 years in law enforcement as a Patrol Officer and as an Undercover Officer in human trafficking and narcotics investigations with the Minneapolis Police Department. She also held positions as a Field Training Officer, Community Engagement Team Liaison, and was active in several neighborhood crime prevention committees. As an Officer, Jessica received recognition for her work including letters of appreciation from the community, recognition, and commendation from other law enforcement agencies and the Minneapolis City Attorneys’ office for her undercover work in human trafficking and missing child recovery. She holds several Precinct and Department awards including Officer of the Month, The Chiefs Award of Merit and Officer of the Year.

Jessica retired from law enforcement in 2014. In 2015, a phone call asking her come back and train on juvenile sex training awakened a vision to take everything she knows and has seen about the devastating effects of child exploitation and the elements that fuel a very dark market for the violent abuse of children and use it to equip communities in prevention.

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“I take my hindsight and make it your foresight for the protection of children, youth, and families”      – Jessica